Morgan Martens

Brule, WI

Veteran - (1st place in 2021, 3rd place in 2022, 2nd place in 2023)

11th Grade - Northwestern High School

17 years old

Morgan Martens, 17, is an eleventh grader from Brule, Wisconsin. He grew up in a mushing family and has been on the sled runners since he was 2-years-old. Martens Mushing currently has 20 Alaskan Huskies in the kennel that are run by Morgan and his sister, Talia. Over the last few years Morgan has raced in many different races throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Alaska with notable finishes such as 1st place in the 2021 Jr. Iditarod and 1st place in the 2022 Jr. Beargrease 120. When not doing things with the dogs, Morgan can be found running, lifting weights, camping, and skiing. Currently he is the top runner in track and cross country at his high school. To support the sport of dog mushing, Morgan chops wood and sells it to local campgrounds. He plans to get a degree in business at a college close to home so that he can continue mushing. This is Morgan's last Jr. Iditarod, as he will be aging out. He is grateful to his mentor, Ryan Redington, for the years that he has allowed him to train and race his dogs. 


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