AddieAnn Randall

Willow, AK


9th Grade - Homeschool

14 years old

AddieAnn Randall, 14, is a ninth grader from Willow, Alaska. In 2018, she was given the chance to run Robert Bundtzen's retired dogs and fell in love with the sport. In 2020, the first sled dogs were purchased into the family and Rock on Racing was born. Since then it has become a family activity with AddieAnn, mom, dad, and brother all training with the dogs that they affectionately call the Rock Stars. She has been running longer races for the last few years to include 2020 Denali Doubles, 2021 ACE Race (12th), 2021 Willow Jr. 100 (9th), 2022 Willow Jr. 100 (5th), and 2023 Willow Jr. 100 (4th). But mushing is not only about racing for the Randall family, there was a point when it was a relied on mode of transportation. For a year and a half, the family lived 65 miles from the road system and used their dogs to mush out. When not on the runners, AddieAnn enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, dog agility training, painting, and drawing. Though she still has a few years left in high school, when she graduates she would like to become a veterinarian and professional dog musher.


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