Ellen Redington

Wasilla, AK

Veteran - (7th place in 2021, 5th place in 2022, 3rd place in 2023)

12th Grade - Redington Jr./Sr. High School

17 years old

Ellen Redington, 17, is a twelfth grader from Wasilla, Alaska. Born into a long line of mushers, she has been mushing for many, many years. This will be Ellen's fourth Jr. Iditarod with a 7th place (2021), a 5th place (2022), and a 3rd place (2023). In 2023 Ellen finished 6th in her first Goosebay 150, beating out some well known adult mushers in the process! In addition to running dogs, Ellen can be found engaged in artistic activities and participating in Educators Rising. She has even written her own children's book about perseverance and mushing called "Wiley Wants to Win".


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