Keira Irish

Fairbanks, AK

Veteran - (11th place in 2023)

10th Grade - Lathrop High School

15 years old

Keira Irish, 15, is a tenth graders from Fairbanks, Alaska. She first got started mushing in 2019 with ReRun Kennel, shortly after learning how to skijor. ReRun Kennel is composed of rescue dogs and in 2022, Keira got the chance to race them for the first time. She took home 1st place the 2022 Two Rivers Solstice Invitational and then 11th place in the 2023 Jr. Iditarod. This year, Keira will be running a team from Trail Breaker Kennel. When not mushing, she can be found playing flag football, skijoring, and she has also earned her blackbelt. After high school, Keira would like to go to UAF to become a wildlife biologist. She hopes to continue mushing and one day own her own small kennel.