Bristol Huffman

Kotzebue, AK

Veteran - (12th place in 2022, 8th place in 2023)

11th Grade - Kotzebue High School

16 years old

Bristol Huffman, 16, is an eleventh grader from Kotzebue, Alaska. After going to the Kobuk 440 in 2019, she started volunteering to help local mushers train their dogs. Last season, she started her training in Kotzebue and finished out the season in Willow. This year, she will race with dogs from Paul and Kevin Hansen's kennel. Bristol completed the 2022 Jr. Iditarod (12th) and 2023 Jr. Iditarod (8th). She has also run in the Jr. Kobuk 440 and the KDMA Woman's sprint race. When not running dogs, Bristol enjoys fishing, hunting, swimming, and running. After high school, she would like to own her own kennel and go to college.


Maniilaq Association

Maniilaq Long-Term Care

Kotzebue Dog Mushers Association

Kobuk 440 Racing Association

Northern Air Cargo (NAC)

LuLu's Coffee

North West Arctic Borough School District