Eva Robinson

Cavalier, ND

Veteran - (14th in 2022)

12th Grade - Homeschool

17 years old

Eva Robinson, 17, is a twelfth grader from Cavalier, North Dakota. She is currently the only competitive musher in North Dakota and is very proud to represent her state. When she was young, her family had malamutes that they ran as a recreational hobby. Now she has a full kennel of racing huskies that fuels her passion. With those huskies, she has competed in Jr. Beargrease (2021 - 1st), Jr. Iditarod (2022 - 14th), Willow Jr. 100 (2022 - 10th), Klondike Dog Derby (2023 - 4th in junior class), and Wolftrack Classic (2021 - 10th). In addition to mushing, Eva also enjoys art, cross country running, and videography. With her years of junior racing winding down, she hopes to run Beargrease 300 in 2025 as she works towards qualifying for Iditarod. She would also like to pursue a career as a vet tech.


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