Makenna Vanderhoof

Willow, AK

Veteran - (9th place in 2022)

10th Grade - Shell Lake High School

15 years old

Makenna Vanderhoof, 15, is a tenth grader. During the school year she lives in Wisconsin with her mom and step-dad, and then during the rest of the year she lives in Alaska with her dad and step-mom. Makenna started into mushing in 2016 when her Alaska family decided to get back into the sport. After a few years of training, she ran her first race in 2019. Although only 8 miles, she was excited for her 3rd place finish. In 2022, after a few more years of training, she was ready for her first Jr. Iditarod where she took home a 9th place finish! Along with mushing dogs, Makenna can be found riding four-wheelers, listening to music, lifting weights, hanging out with friends, and loving on her pets. In the future, she would love to move to Alaska full time and find a job. She sees herself continuing to run the family dogs until she possibly has the means to sustain a team of her own.