Tietje Paveglio

Eagle River, AK

Veteran - (11th place in 2022, 7th in 2023)

11th Grade - Chugiak High School

16 years old

Tietje Paveglio, 16, is an eleventh grader from Eagle River, Alaska. She first got her start mushing when some family friends invited her and her dad to explore the sport. Tietje started mid-distance racing three years ago, where she place 11th in the Jr. Willow 100. Since then, she ran Jr. Willow 100 in 2022 (8th place) and 2023 (7th place). She has also run Jr. Iditarod in 2022 (11th place) and 2023 (7th place). When not racing, Tietje also enjoys working with sled dogs in the tourist industry. Currently, she is pursuing a certification as a Veterinary Technician. When she is done with high school, she plans to run dogs recreationally and for tourism.


Alaska Mushing School