Leif Anderson

Fairbanks, AK


9th Grade - Lathrop High School

14 years old

Leif Anderson, 14, is a ninth grader from Fairbanks, Alaska. He has been mushing dogs since he was very young, including many winter camping expeditions from the Brooks Range to the Alaska Range. His parents, Gwen Holdmann and Ken Anderson, have both finished the Iditarod and Yukon Quest. Leif loves outdoor activities both summer and winter, and spending time with his dogs. His first major race was the 2022 ACE (Alpine Creek Excursion) Race where he won the Junior Division. He shares a kennel of 17 dogs with his two sisters and mom. He also plays varsity tennis and participates in Academic Decathlon. Leif loves computer programming, chess and math and plans to attend college in Computer Science at UAF after graduating from High School.


Ken Anderson

Gwen Holdmann

Keaton Loebrich

Erika Boice

Mike & Sue Resner

Robert & Erika Holdmann