Tietje Paveglio

Eagle River, AK

Veteran - (11th place in 2022)

10th Grade - Chugiak High School

15 years old

Tietje Paveglio, 15, is a tenth grader from Eagle River, Alaska. She got her start mushing when her dad started in on the sport. After a visit to the dog yard, she started off with some 2 dog racing. After some time, she worked her way up to mid-distance and here we are! 2021 was Tietje's first mid-distance race, where she place 11th in the Jr. Willow 100. In 2022, Tietje competed in the Jr. Willow 100 again (earning 8th place) and also added an 11th place finish in her rookie Jr. Iditarod. This year, Tietje will be running with Lost Creek Kennels (owned by Cindy and George McCann). When not on the trail, Tietje stays involved with many different groups: Rifle Team, FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America), GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance), and WDS (World Discovery Seminar). After high school, Tietje plans to go to college for marketing and one day own her own team of sled dogs.


Laborers Local 341