Jace Cogdill

Willow, AK

Veteran - (6th place in 2021, 7th place in 2022)

9th Grade - Cyberlynx Homeschool

16 years old

Jace Cogdill, 16, is a ninth grader from Willow, Alaska. He started mushing when he was nine years old after what seemed to be a normal day cutting firewood. As fate would have it, the neighbors land where he was helping cut wood just happened to have sled dogs. They invited his dad and him to explore the sport and the rest is history! His mid-distance racing included two finished of the Jr. Iditarod (6th - 2021, 7th - 2022) and and two finishes of the Jr. Willow 100 (12th - 2020, 8th - 2019). Jace enjoys hunting, fishing, trapping, snowmachining, and biking. He plans to go to look into the Marines or possibly move to McGrath; he still has lots of time to think about it, though! Regardless, he plans to continue mushing!


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