Tori Boulding

Manley, AK

Veteran - (4th place in 2022)

10th Grade - Raven Homeschool

16 years old

Tori Boulding, 16, is a 10th grader from Manley, Alaska. Her parents were into mushing before she was born and some of her earliest memories are amongst the sled dogs. She has had the opportunity to help train Brent Sass' young dogs for 11 years. In 2022, the young dogs of Wild and Free Mushing took her to a 1st place in Willow Jr. 100 and a 4th place in Jr. Iditarod. When not out mushing, Tori enjoys keeping busy breaking trail and cutting wood. At this time, she doesn't know what she would like to do after high school but she does plan to continue enjoying time on the runners.


Brent Sass - Wild and Free Mushing

My Grandma's house