Maddoux Erickson

Goodland, MN


11th Grade - Nashwauk High School

16 years old

Maddoux Erickson, 16, is an eleventh grader from Goodland, MN. He got into mushing back in 2017 when his stepdad, Nathan Schroeder, introduced him to the sport. Maddoux, his brother, his mom, and his stepdad are all a part of Schroeder Racing. For the 2024 Jr. Iditarod, he will be running a team from Redington Mushing. In 2022 he ran Wolf Track Classic (12th place), then in 2023 he ran Gun Flint Mail Run (9th place) and Beargrease Jr. 120 (1st place). Some of the other activities he participates in include fishing, hunting, four-wheeling, snowmobiling, baseball, football, and hockey. After highschool, Maddoux would like to work in some sort of trade and he plans to continue mushing.


Schroeder Mushing

Redington Mushing