Tara Crossman

Topsham, ME


11th Grade - Mt. Ararat High School

17 years old

Tara Crossman, 17, is an eleventh grader from Topsham, Maine. She first became interested in mushing as a little kid from watching Balto over and over again. Her first time on a sled was in March 2015 at the age of 9 years old, and it was Christmas of that year when she got her first sled dog. Tara has competed in a few 20-35 mile races over the recent years (Brownville KI 20/20 in 2020 - 5th place, Can-Am 30 in 2020 - 25th place and 2022 - 17th place, Wilderness Sled Dog Race 35 in 2022 - 14th place), but she is excited to get into longer races this season. When not training and racing her sled dogs, Tara enjoys competing in agility and obedience. She also enjoys spending time with her horses. To help fund her passion, she currently works as a vet assistant. After graduating high school, Tara plans to move to Alaska in order to grow her kennel and continue racing.


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